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hey,well i havn't been doin poi for long now probably about a month or so and i have got the patter down for the behind the back reverse weave but can't get started cuz it's a bastard to start off with out hittin my head....very painful after a few hours!! k well i was just wondering do u come in from the forward weave after u turn with the weave and then straight into behind the back? or is ther a easy way to start all this??

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I just lean forwards a bit at the waist and swing the poi in reverse split time as far back as I can while maintaining a good circle shape. Then I fling my left arm over to the right (as far as it will go) and shortly after I fling my right arm to the left as far as it will go and I'm doing the reverse BTB weave.
I find the main thing is to swing your arm to the opposite side really far and you'll avoid hitting yourself.
I assume you mean the reverse BTB weave is the one where you start off with your poi swinging in reverse, since I cant do it where they are swinging forwards yet.
You can also get into it by doing a normal reverse weave and chucking one of your arms behind your back instead of infront when it crosses over your body, but this is slightly more tricky.
Some useful tips: wear large shin pads on the back of your shins whilst practicing, you look like a tit but you'll be able to practice 5x longer before the pain becomes too much. Also hold the poi in your hands and learn the motions then slowly let them have longer chains until you can do it with full sized chains.

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Ok. I got the backward btb weave for the first time there a couple of months ago and I have some advice that might help some people.

First I used one poi to get the movement right. Then I start swinging backwards in split time, feet together, leaning forwards. Then I started with the right poi bringing it behind my back on the left, but at the same time I brought the left poi across the front of my body the the right hand side, only to keep it out of the way. I swung behind for one beat and then back to backwards split time again. I kept doing this until I could do this smoothly again and again without stopping.

I then did the same with my left poi, bringing it behind me to the right hand side and moving the right poi across my front to the left out of the way.

Once I had this moving smoothly too, I alternated between each poi. Bringing one behind and the other across the front at a time, without breaking back into the backward split time. Sort of a half behind the back thingy.

Doing this got me used the sensation of having the poi behind me without breaking rythem, though both were not behind me at the same time. My hands got so used to doing the right thing that I just popped into the btb wave without knowing.

I hope this makes some kind of sense, any problems give me a shout.

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