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Posted:Hey there,

To find out a little more about me and part of why I am posting this you can view my intro in the introduction forum...

Part of a video I submitted was used for COL-3. I also submitted a CD of a band called Nomadix that I work with. Many of their songs were used for COL-3...

After reading a post a while back about music I had the idea of making some Nomadix songs available for people to practice with and submit with their video to COL-4 ... So ...

If you would like to use a Nomadix song for COL-4 , e-mail them for permission to make sure it's from the correct list:

~ I will send Malcolm CD's of many Nomadix songs along with a release form...

There are 2 lists of songs NOT to be used. The first list is songs that were used for COL-3. The 2nd list contains samples

All songs can be listened to

:Songs from COL-3:

(full versions of these songs can be downloaded off their site

( Rockin The Beat )
#5 Skunk
#6 Kender

( Feel The Energy )
#20 Shibaki

( Get The Point )
#21 G.I.L
#22 Adi
#23 Nix?
#24 Shaun Cole

( Tranceprogressor )
#27 Koji & Akiko
#28 Casper

( Sax Track )
#29 Tempest (Liam), Rumplestiltskin (Nathan),

( Ambihouse )
Phat Boy (Aiden Tempest)

( 4Score )
#30 Bender the Offender

List 2 - Don't use:

Like It Or Not
Raiderz of tha Lost Rave
R U Ready 4 This

Bangin Insane
Crouching Dragon Hidden Tiger
Get Funky Sound of Music
Tryin 4 Days
U know how 2 do it
Where is the Love

elektroshok (very small sample--still usable)
Thank U
Welcome 2 the Jungle

--hip hop--
Soothes U and Moves U
Y'all Believe in that (sample from local atlanta poetry reading)

Almost Famous

Moment of Silence
Intend 2 Stop Living

It's a long list of songs not to use, but check out all of the songs they have produced...


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Posted:G.I.L Much thanx & respect for this!! I'm listening to a few tracks now, what is the deal with getting written permission if I want to use a track on my COL4 entry?



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Posted:Hey FireMorph,

(1) E-mail ~ (2) Tell them the song you would like to use (3) I will create 1 release form with a list of songs that I will be sending to Malcolm with some CD's...

Feel free to listen to all their songs; most of their work is completely original. Some isn't, so some of their songs can't be submitted to a video that is for sale...

Good luck with your video. I am soooo glad the deadline got bumped! Now I will have time to work on something...

~ G.I.L


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Posted:I Have news to reprt on the music submitting, The club that I work at, all the dj's are gathering all their original workz so they may be sent over... just wanting Mal to know theres more music coming...

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Posted:Excellent I am sure we need it too.
Will work out how much we need when all COL4 entries are in.

Thanks all

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