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Posted:Malcolm, you know I love you a whole lot and so in the spirit of that (and the fact that I've never started one of these threads)

When's the next video competition?
When can I send my video cause I have this new uberawesome under my leg but between my boobs quad-butterfly with my eyelashes move I just *have* to show you!
When's the deadline?
Can I pre-order COL4 now?
Huh? Huh?
Can I? Can I? Can I?
Will it be available on DVD?
Or even better can you make it a multiplayer game for my PS2 where I have to compete against the winner to prove I am better? Puhleeeeeze Malcolm!
Are we there yet?
What music should I use? Can I spin my flaming cows or won't that get judged?
Daddy I have to go wait! That's another thread!

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Posted:Pele, might I say that it was always a matter of time, we all have to crack sometimes.
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Posted:shines on, thinks pele has lost it totaly welcome to the club!!


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Posted:These are very interesting questions indeed which I was about to ask myself too. theank you very much Miss Pele. Along with my still unanswered question : how do you make sparkley poi ???

looking forward to reading the answers
very best regards
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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Pele:

When can I send my videoActually, yeah. When can I send in my video for CoL 4?



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Posted:lol @ you Kinudin. practice first, worry about tapes months from now

i admit to being curious, but we ought to give Malcolm a breather....

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