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Anyone heard of them? I got them for my birthday but only just looked at the homepage. If you're interested, Juggling With A Twist's homepage

They're referred to as glowstick twisters

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nope, never heard of em, but they're pretty cool! have fun with them!

Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

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My friends and I quite frequently play around with what we like to call Meteorites, which are like meteors but with smaller, almost nunchuk length strings. We simply connect 2 glowsticks together using shoestring, make the shoestring and glowsticks (combined) about the length of your shoulder to end of hour hand with your arm outstretched. Most of the moves we do are based around wraps and what we call "Rolls", which are like underarm wraps, but start your wrap near the base of the glowstick which are are holding. As soon as it starts to wrap, you let go of the glowstick, it does a rotation around your arm, grab the glowstick again, bam you're spinning They look absolutely amazing while glowing, like two balls of light dancing around your arm.

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I am curious - did you buy them or make them? If you bought them, where did you get them from?

I have quantum leashes that I bought on --- they are really cool. A pair of three attached LED streetlights.

The only problem with quantum leashes is that the streetlights can break if you hit them together.

Do you use LED streetlights in the nunchukus? How do you keep them from breaking?


I really want a pair of glow nunchukus! smile

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Haha, sorry, I'm SO great at keeping up to date with things I post...

I got them made for me for my birthday, they're tubes of cardboard with a cord attatchment in the middle about 10cm's long and the glow aspect of them are just glowsticks. They fit inside the cardboard tubes, take them out, snap them put selotape round the base of the glowstick THEN put back in opp way into the tube... and proceed to hit yourself in the head and accidentally throw the nunchunks away a lot.

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I got a pair of these yesterday! I won a drawing and recieved 1 twister, (not nanchaku so they are LEGAL ubbloco ) 2 bright glowsticks with cellotape on them, a dvd with some fire and glowstick spinning, and a letter from the master of He's a really nice guy giving away around 4 or 5 sets of these with glowsticks and dvd's this month while his son is in the hospital with one of several heart surgeries. It just goes to show what a wonderful community we all could make.

Note: they are not cardboard, but PVC pipe with a glitter decal. they are a wonderful weight and lenght, and spin well. I LOVE EM!!!!!! I suggest you all make a pair, i use them kinda like a baton, poi, liquie (hehe right) and of course nanchaku (sp?)


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