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XanathBRONZE Member
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Location: strongsville, ohio, usa

YEAH!!!! My poi staff is finally done, after 2 weeks of design and working on it in my spare time its finally done!!! !!it was VERY difficult to make because of the main part being made of galvinized pipe.I will post pics if someone tells me how but let me describe it... WEll its a 4 ft piece of 1/2 inch galvinized steel pipe with a wood core. two wicks of 2.5 inch kevlar at either end 2.5 ft of kevlar a piece. the wicks at the ends have a gap of 3 inches in between them. there is a foot of chain on either end with a four inch tube core wick, each with 2.5 ft kevlar. 6 wicks total ! i cant wait to light it up after i cure the kevlar tomorrow. This is my first major piece of gear ive made (beside another simple staff), it feels good when you can look at something and say "wow i made this." to me the feeling is like completeing a work of art, not only that it feels like its a piece of me too. kinda like i took what was in my head and created it on my canvas, being pipe, chain, wood, nuts n bolts, and lovely kevlar.

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Sounds great, i have yet to see pictures of videos of these poi staffs, though i've thought of them many times... i'll keep an eye out for when you post the pictures

on a related note.. i've yet to get my kevlar from HoP. I ordered it on the 24th, it is now the 7th. *sigh*

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I have heard of them heaps and I have also wanted to get one but I have never gotten around to it. Hope you enjoy playing with your new toy


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XanathBRONZE Member
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Location: strongsville, ohio, usa

WEll, the multi wick design did not come out completely the way i wanted it to when i burned it, but it worked out a different way, almost just as desirable. The flame jumps the 3 inch gap between wicks so i get an 8-10in flame with less kevlar! it looks like the entire end is on fire when it is only 5 inches total on each end that are actually burning. also this thing has such momentum from the weight it goes where it wants to, you just have to be there to guide it. very nice toy!

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darkpoetBRONZE Member
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just be careful
personally i like the poi staff.....but i like a staff crossed w\fire whips alot more....anyways remember that you have to do you moves much more exaggerated (sp?) than w\normal staff ive managed to start doin wraps and throws w\the poi staff but the whips you can crack both whips at the same time...if you mess up you get torched (when ur using fire) but its one hell of a show

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ive used one of these
there like swinging a threesection staff

there cool
but u can have some nasti accidents
wit them


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