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Posted:So, I got a pair of the swivel flags off of HoP. Flags are pretty and swivels seemed like they'd help my poi -> flag transition. Especially since I can't find advice *anywhere* on how to spin flags, specifically! Gah.

Anyway, the point being that my new flags don't feel like they move smoothly at all. The fabric feels sort of stiff, just not fluid. Is this a common problem? Is it related to the fabric the HoP flags are made out of, or to my lack of technique?


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Posted:Not sure about the flags you have, but the HoP flags I've spun in the past are made of good material - light and flexible. Because of the nature of flags they do feel different from poi.

As to how to spin flags as in the non swivel, original design, then there's sites around. It's just like poi in many ways, just with a different style due to restrictions. You can't do repative beats on one plane as they wind up and 5 beats are problematical. And the way most poi spinners attempt to murder flags by spinning really fast makes me wanna cry!


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