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Posted:I don't know if anyone has had an idea of it before but it just came to my head then to try and make a Glowing Sword somehow. If anybody has had this idea and actually tried it please tell me how it went.


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Posted:I have one of those force FX lightsabers. It is the smex biggrin

I have a video of me playing with one on youtube...let me go get the link!


hope you have broadband smile

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Posted:i was havin a go of one at the last meet i was at, i had so much fun!! there perfectly weighted and are just awsome to spin!

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Posted:If you just want UV swords you could get sabres from a company that makes color guard supplies. They are made for spinning so thhey are weighted perfectly. You could just wrap them in whatever color UV tape you wanted. I know of one place you can get them for just under 40$ depending on what length you want.


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