Posted:I've had a handful of dreads in my hair for sometime now, and been thinking about knotting the rest along with it. Just curious on employers reactions and such. I know the sterotypes that go along with dreads, maybe I'm answering my own question. Just curious on feedback from others...

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Posted:I've been in fulltime employment for over 10 years, and have had dreads for all that time. It's never been a problem for me. I think a lot depends on the area you choose to work in.



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Posted:True about the field. I know that even at 28 I'm looked at as the "crazy young kid" reguardless of what I do. I constantly overcompensate for that but don't mind as I know that once I look older, it will pay off.

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Posted:well - I've had dreads for a couple of years, and it hasnt seemed to have affected my job?As Ade said - it will efect you depending on the field. As a Web Designer, I dont think I'd like to work for a company that a) wanted me to look respectable for the clients (I dont like client liason) b) judges my skills by my looks (complete joke in this field). As far as I know, in Web stuff (Web Dev, Hosting ISP etc) usually the best companies to work for dont give a rats ass what you look like, as long as your work is top notch.really depends what you are doing, and more importantly, where you want to go?Josh


Posted:i was thinking of getting dreads just before i go abroad, and im just worried about the whole process of getting a job when i have dreads. im seriously considering waiting till im over there, got a job, and then it doesn't matter gravy.


Posted:Hello Me!I guess it depends on how long before you go abroad? if you have a set date, and know exactly when you are going - then I'd say wait. but if you arent sure and its all a bit hazy, theres no time like the present
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