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are there any tips anyone can give me for learning 5 balls. at the moment i am just try to throw all 5 and catch them in the opposite han d at this point i can do this 1 in 10. but i can not get to grips with keeping it going!

i think i might go insane before i get it. please help

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i don't claim to be a juggler but i'm pretty sure you're gonna find it almost impossible to hold a 5 ball cascade if you haven't got your 5 ball flash (one throw and catch for each ball)consistent.

i'm not certain but i reckon once you can do a decent flash starting with either hand, you'll be ready to start trying to hold the pattern.

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I can keep a 5 ball cascade going for about 3 or 4 cycles, but it slowly creeps away from me and out of control and I haven't had much luck breaking through that problem (I've sort of gotten frustrated and given up actually). I did learn what I do have from a 5 ball flash as coleman suggests though.


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Yeah - I can throw and catch 5 just about every time, but I cant get more than about 7 throws before I screw it up...

One of the ways I heard to learn it is to get the flash solid, then start trying 6 throws and six catches (1 and a bit times through)...when you get that solid go for 7, etc...

have to say that 5 ball is a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. But I dont put much time into it these days, and I guess that shows..


err - I meant 6 throws and five catches )

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Hey Burns

another thing you may wiah to try is a five ball pattern but with 4 balls, this should slow it down a bit and help learn the hand movements.

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Everyone learns differently, with different techniques...

That being said, I've found the best technique for lots of people is to practice the five ball pattern with three balls.

That means holding three balls in one hand, throwing them high and over to the other hand, like doing a three ball shower (but up the middle).

Catch them in the free hand and then do then same, throw all three to your left.

Swap which hand you start with too.

Another advantage of this method, is you can see which side of the pattern needs more work than the other. Then perhaps work on that side soley until it is solid.

But, of course, it may not work for you, though it tends to work for more people than it doesn't...

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