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Posted:I went to a sailing shop today and bought 2mm diameter nylon coated rubber cord, then attached it to two diabolo sticks and hoped for the best.

Wow. Crazy.

Doesn't play like normal diabolo, that's for sure.

The speed up where you throw it left and right is insane, and I can achieve much higher speeds with the diabolo than I can with normal string.

The other thing is I can throw it a hell of a long way. I do a lot of diabolo passing because, well it's more social and, well, put it this way; I didn't have a big enough field nearby to test the full range of this baby.

It raps up a bit easier but that's only because the string is thicker, and it's really not that bad at all.

I haven't tried it with doubles or anything because, well, I can't really. And I haven't tried it with any difficult tricks because... I can't do any. But it's really fun! someone good try it!

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