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Posted:I was just wanting to say hello and let everyone know that I busted my cherry this past Tuesday night on fire chains. I had been practicing for a couple of months on the streaming poi. I kicked some ass if I do say so myself. I did not realize, but my neighbors came out to watch when they saw the flames and gave me an ovation, much to my surprise, when I was done. I know I have A LOT more to learn, but I have become a slave to the flames. I will be keeping an eye on the posts to learn as much from you all as possible.Peace!!!

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Welcome to a firey world of fun!!!------------------C@ntus[This message has been edited by Cantus (edited 13 October 2001).]

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Posted:CONGRATULATIONS! my fire friend.It's all so much better from here!!!
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------------------Where there is sorrow I seek the Flame - Rumi

Where there is sorrow I seek the Flame - Rumi


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Posted:Congrats and welcome. I must say that your skillz have definitely improved. Can't wait for the outdoor party this weekend. Bring your toys! You've now discovered a message board with great people, open minds, and infinite poi wisdom.------------------"We do not inherit this Earth from our ancestors, but merely borrow it from our children"

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Posted:Congratulations and welcome to the HOP
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shine onCassandra

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