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Posted:I must say i am getting damn tired of this American Ghetto slang. An I apologize to people in other countries that have to hear it used. So i want to start using some slang from other countries but i have no idea what you people might say. Like i know for a fact people from England has some crazy slang cause i was talking to and English girl one day and i had to keep asking what she ment.But for the people outside of the US here is our slang...these all mean it's really cool: thats really cool, Thats Hot!, Tight, sweet, Dude that's badass,ways to refer to a close guy friend: Bro, Dude,Son(oh i hate that one),Ma Nigga,wyas to refer to a girl: BITCH!, girl,female,biznitch,slut(and this is from a friend,,sheesh),chickenheadways to say hi: Hi , hey, whats up, Sup (shortened whats up),Yo,How's it flowin, or just a hand shake that if you didn't know what it was , looks like a secret handshake but everyone does it.Well thats all i can think of ,, please i wanna use some international slang , so tell me what you go. :> )cheers,,heheShizzle ma nizzle biznitch

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Posted:i just call them "losers" ubblol

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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Posted:We call them Chavs in Surrey aswell...

And their cars... Chav wagons.


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Posted:I have few...We use these in my group of friends:
Fat - overweight, usually said to someone VERY skinny, because all the guys in my crew weigh under 65kg
(PH)Fat - really uber cool
Uber - times something by ten
Smelly - smell bad, its just one of those greeting like "hey Aaron, you smell"
F.I.G. J.A.M - Stands for "f**k i'm good, just ask me"
F.U.B.A.R. - Stands for "f**ked up beyond all reason (recognition)
S.N.A.F.U. - Stands for "Situation normal all f**ed up"
My group is so immature....

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Posted:Here is a few I can think of from Australia:
Chrissy -Christmas
Yonks - Alot of time (as in I havn't seen ya in Yonks mate)
Skank- Slut/whore or filthy female
Dag -Nerd
Goon- big bottle(2litre) our cask of alcohol
Maccas- Mc Donalds
Bludger- slack person
PT- public transport ( as in the PT was censored today mate)
Bag of fruit- Suit.
We sometimes call Friday's P.O.E.T.S day as in Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday ( to refer to our tendency to leave work early

And now a more comprehensive list for you:

Ankle biter- child
Back oBourke In the middle of nowhere
Backroom waltz Interrogation at the police station
Banana bender A resident of Queensland State, once derided as being backward. Allegedly the only native skill was to put a bend in a banana.
Bash Party. Also "fancy turns".
Beaut, beauty Great, fantastic, as in "Beauty amber fluid, mate!"
Bend the Elbow To have a drink - pretty well self explanatory!
Big note yourself Self-aggrandizing, putting on airs
Bloke Man, guy
Bloody Universal epithet the great Australian adjective. Used to emphasise any point or story. Hence "bloody beauty"(bewdy!) or "bloody horrible" or even "absa-bloody-lutely"!
Blow in the bag A breathalyser test
Bludger Lazy person, layabout.
Bog in Start eating ravenously
Bonnet Hood of a car.
Bonzer Pronounced "bonsa" - grouse, great, excellent.
Boomer A large male kangaroo,
Boot Trunk of a car.
Bottle shop Liquor shop.
Buckley's Chance No chance at all.
Bunyip A mythical bush spirit, Australia's bigfoot.
Bush The vast Australian countryside
Bush telly Gazing at the stars
Cactus Dead, not working
Carpetbagger steak Beef stuffed with oysters.
Chemist shop Drug store.
Chew the Fat To talk, engage in pleasant conversation, to have a chinwag.
Chook Chicken.
Chuck a sickie Call in sick when youre actually feeling well
Chunder Technicolor yawn Vomit Puking or throwing-up
Cobber Friend
Cockie Farmer.
Cooee A bush yell for when you are lost
Crook Sick, or badly made.
Crow eater A South Australian.
Dag A funny person, nerd, goof, loser.
Daks Trousers in Australia, but underpants in New Zealand. Confusion between the two may lead to an embarrassing situation!
Darwin stubbie A 1.25 litre bottle of beer. Careful! "Stubbies" are also a popular brand of men's shorts.
Digger A soldier, originally meaning an ANZAC soldier
Dill An idiot.
Ding bat Fool.
Dinkum, fair dinkum, dinky di Genuine, truthful, the real thing
Donk Car or boat engine.
Donkey's years a long time......ages
Drink with the flies To drink alone.
Drongo An unintelligent and worthless person
Dunny The toilet, W.C., or bathroom. If someone busting to know where the dunny is, tell 'em to "follow their nose to the thunderbox".
Earbash Talk nonstop
Esky Portable icebox or cooler - it's always a good idea to have one in the boot stocked with some cold ones just in case the party's bar runs dry.
Fair Dinkum Kosher, the real thing - as in "Fair Dinkum Aussie" (true blue Aussie original). Often used by itself as a rhetorical question to express astonishment verging on disbelief ... "Fair Dinkum, mate?" (you've got to be kidding, haven't you?)
Fair go, Fair crack of the whip Give someone a break
Five finger discount Shoplift
Flyer female kangaroo
Footpath Sidewalk
Footy Aussie Rules
Galah A noisy parrot, used to describe someone who is noisy and nonsensical
Game Brave
G'arn Go on, you're kidding!
G'day Universal greeting, used anytime day or night, but never as a farewell. Pronounced "gud-eye", usually followed by "mate" (mite) or a typically strung-together "howyagoinallright"(= how are you today, feeling pretty good?)
Good as gold Great!
Good Onya Omnipresent term of approval, sometimes ironic
Grizzle To complain
Grog Liquor, beer. BYOG is "bring your own grog"
Grouse Rhymes with "house" - means outstanding, tremendous. Can be applied universally to all things social ... "grouse birds(women), grouse band
Have a yarn To talk to someone.
Hes got tickets on himself A person who thinks he is the greatest
Hoon Idiot, hooligan
Hooroo Pronounced "who-ru"... means "see ya later
Hotel Often just a pub.
Icy pole Popsicle.
Jackaroo A male station hand
Jack-in-the-box Someone who cant sit still
Jillaroo A female station hand
Joey Baby kangaroo.
Journo Journalist.
Jumbuck Sheep
Jumper Sweater
King hit A punch delivered without warning
Knock To criticise
Knocker One who criticises
Lair A show-off
Larrikin A ruffian
Lob-in Drop in to see someone
Lollies Sweets, candies
Make a crust Work for a living
Narkie Someone who is negative or short-tempered
Never-Never, Outback The remotest parts of the bush
No-hoper A fool, loser
O.S. Overseas, as in "she's gone O.S."
Ocker Pronounced "ocka" - Typical uncultivated Aussie, similar to Yank "redneck"
Offsider An assistant
Oldies Parents
Oz Term for Australia
Paralytic Extremely drunk
Pash An extremely passionate kiss
Plonk Wine. Never used to describe the other main alcoholic beverage at an Australian social occasion - beer
Point percy at the porcelain Urinate (male)
Pommie or pom An English person
Proper Toff Upper class Snot!
Pull Your head In Use sparingingly, since this equates a rather annoyed "shut up & mind your own business".
Rafferty's rules Chaos, disorder
Reckon Think, as in "Your shout or mine? What' ya reckon?"
Ridgy-didge Original, genuine
Right Okay, as in "she'll be right, mate."
Ring, tingle Phone someone up, as in "I'll give him a ring."
Ripper Pronounced "rippa" means beaut, tippy-tops, grouse
Rubbish To knock something
Sandgroper A Western Australian
School Group of drinkers. Brings new meaning to the term higher education!
Schooner Large beer glass
Scratchy Instant lottery ticket
Seppo, Septic tank An American (a less flattering term than Yank)
Sheila A woman
She'll be right No problem, don't worry, mate
Shootin' through Leave, take off
Shout To shout means to buy the next round (of drinks usually)
Smoko Smoke or coffee break
Snag A sausage
Spit The Dummy A "dummy" is Australian for a child's pacifier. Lose your cool
Spunk Attractive person (of either sex)
Station large cattle or sheep property (ie a ranch)
Stickybeak Nosy person
Stone the crows An exclamation of surprise
Strewth Pronounced "sta-ruth" ... general exclamation of disbelief or shock
Strine Australian slang, from "Aus-strine", the way Aussies say Australian
Swagman Itinerant farm worker, tramp
Taswegian A resident of Tasmania
Tee-up To set up an appointment
The Lucky Country Australia, of course
Tinny Can of beer
Tomato sauce Ketchup
Too right Definitely!
True blue Honest, straight
Tucker Food
Uee, Uwie, Yewy Make a U-turn in traffic
Useless as an ashtray on a motorbike Unhelpful, incompetent
Ute A pickup truck
Vegemite Sandwich spread derived from vegetable yeast extract, dark brown, gooey, salty. It's what makes Aussies strong
Walkabout Aboriginal term meaning "to go on a wander"
Whinge Rhymes with "hinge" as in door! Means to complain incessantly
Wobbly Disturbing, unstable behaviour, as in "to throw a wobbly."
Wog Flu or slight illness, as in "Too much plonk and now the wog."
Woopwoop in the boonies, nowhere
Wowser Straight-laced person, prude, puritan, spoilsport
XXXX Pronounced Four X, it's Queensland's famous beer
Yabber Talk
Yakka Work




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Posted:Originally Posted By: woodyNaganootch. When I lived in Bath there were a group of 15-19year olds who hung out in the Bus and train station. The 15 years old because they had nowhere better to be (?) on a Friday night, and the 17-19 year olds cos they were too sad(?) to have any friends there own age?<BR>They basically had a few cars, mainly Ford Escorts and Vauxhaul Novas with body kit and nice stereos.<P>AFAIK their evening entertainment was to hang around their cars playing loud music and ocasionally take it in turns to drive around the Bus station and town.<P>Have seen similar in other Cities and towns in the UK. Anyone know anymore about these sorts of people? or can I continue to diss them because I don't know any better ;-)<P>They might all have a great time, It just doesn't look like fun to me... :-)
Cuz that wak shiznick's a fight on my block. Yo, Props to the REAL bouroughs for keeping it real. Crooklyn's in the hizouse now. I ain't feelin Statin Island right now so you betta stop frontin' for I have to drive on out there and gi you some education bout the GHETTO son.


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