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Forums > Social Chat > HELP! I need to know where twirling originated and how long ago it started ??????

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Posted:well i've got this huge assignment that i really need help with just to find out where twirling originated and any other namese for it? also how long ago it started and why? anyting on staffs and the poi!
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thanks! Becstar
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Posted:Pretty sure twirling originated in NZ, but why I don't know. Someone said it was to do with the Maori marriage ceremony or something like that, but I don't have any reliable source on that. Sorry I can't be any more help.

Posted:I'm pretty sure that the firestaff originated in the Polynesian Islands (Hawaii). They used a short staff that also had knives on the end of it. Then, someone to the idea to europe, and lengthened it to a full size staff, with no knives. As for poi, I would assume that it originated in the Polynesian Islands as well, becuase they do something called "Poi-Balls", which is poi, just without the fire. Some people, however, do it with fire. Also, mostly the women do poi and the men do the staff. Hope this was at least some help...and I also hope that I'm correct.

Posted:hey hey hey, check the history link on the left hand side.