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Posted:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------HI my names david.I twirl with poi and recently started off with the doing a documentry about pois and im giving some backround about staff, devil sticks, and clubs. i need any thing you know about the history of any one of those (poi, staff, devil sticks, and clubs) but the staff information is most important because i have about the rest...and about staff i didnt found anything.... and yes i tried under martial-arts...thank you!!!david

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Posted:David. Firestaff arguably has evolved seperately in seperate places. Sometimes completely spontaneous and sometimes "inspired" by an idea such as poi or fire clubs.The only real history I am aware of is in some pacific islands, Western Samoa in particular. Some islands have picked up the practice and are now saying that they have been doing it forever, some of who are saying the truth and some of who believe it even though it may be false.Try Western Samoan history, without listening to the tourist guides and hotels who tend to exaggerate things considerably (as we all do!).Cheers------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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