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Adolfo Castro

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Posted:I just started spinning. I know a few vertical moves and horizontal moves, but stringing them together has become a problem. There are no moves I know of that can make the plane transition smooth.


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there have been a couple of threads im shure, ifact i know.

This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
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I'll add something here...I'm sure it's all been said but I'm on dial-up and it'll take too long to trawl the old threads
Yeah I was stuck on this one for a while (back in da day ) as I found fully forcing a staff from one plane to the other felt really unnatural *cue Coleman to explain why heh heh*...
I've found 3 nice ways to go from vert to hor planes.

1) Find a move that you can repeat (pref a move that involves both arms/hands) and keep doing it and slightly force the plane each time round. The less of the increment the smoother it'll look and the less taxing on you.
*I used to practice a simple 2 handed spin starting form one side of my body, slowly forcing it to horizontal and then keep going till your vertical the other side. You'll end up spinning the other direction from whenst you started, it fully works your forearms and makes a grreat photo (think mushroom of fire with your legs sticking out the bottom heh heh*

2) use something like a under-the-arm stop (any stop will do I guess) to broeak the spin then bus tinto the other plane...if you hit a pose and look like you meant to do it nd you'll look great!

3)If you drop...it's horizontal! Pick-up straight into horizontal and away you go

hope this helps! (and wasn't already said before )


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Posted:kneel whilst in vrt plane, or alternatively bend the world so that it's horizontal to you. fair bit of math sinvolved in that i dare say.

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Posted:...or lie on a table and sit up



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Posted:2 words... back bends.



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Posted:Hmmm..With single staff i often tend to kind of go from vertical into a angled plane (by forcing the staff) to do a contact trick, and then use that to progressively bring the plane into the horizontal. Another nice way is pinches - do say a vertical shoulder roll & pinch the staff between neck and shoulder when its horizontal - then re-accelerate the staff in the horizontal plane by twisting your body a bit and it goes into a horizontal neck roll.

Am struggeling to think of a nice way to go smoothly vert->horizontal with doubles tho - has anyone got any tips on this ??





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Posted:I've found the smoothest way to go from vertical to horizonal and back again is isolations; If you make the staff rotate about a point about 3/4 of the way down (or halfway from the center to one end...) by moving your hand/arm as it rotates, then it'll tend to be slightly out of plane, and also very easy to move from horizontal to vertical - works great with doubles, and also helps with moves where one end goes between your legs...

I can try and expain (my kind) of isolations more, but I don't know if they've already been discussed here, or if I've got the wrong name or something.


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Posted:I find the easiest points to change planes is when the staff is spinning soley on it's axis. i.e. the arm is barely moving at all at that point, and the staff isn't going up down left or right much.

At these points, you simply pivot an end to go into a different plane and the centre of the staffs rotation changes.

Basically, you aren't forcing it from one plane to the next, you are nudging it into the next.

Hope that makes sense...

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Posted:Lots of old threads on this one. My favourite is the Rotor to Helicopter. It's a natural.

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