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Posted:A.K.A "waist wraps"
Yes i am talking about staff.

So, anyone else doing it? Got any cool variations (and im not talking contact).

Think iv only got 2bt in front maybee 3. Not sure, id better go out and see right now.

Oh yea, thats only single long staff. cept single is kinda pointless cause u can always swap hands.

Its all just smoke and mirrors

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Posted:mike is the video still aroud?

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Posted:Im not sure if there is anything missing in this thread.

I just add that I think its important to do proper follow circles for waist wraps with single staff. Not sure if I can explain what I mean though.

Try this. Start with staff vertical in front, little finger up. Lead to the right with little the finger, and do first circle to the right by going behind the right hip. Then continue in front, and go up for shoulder circles or for half 8"s infront and behind.


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