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Posted:OK.... does it have a name.I guess its been done before but...............

Double staffs connected to your wrists with short bits of rope (10cm). Two of those swivel bits to counter the tangality. As well as normal double staff moves you can also let them swing on one side continously without disconnecting your wrists. Also you cant let them swing horizontal with your arms streched out, so they are spinning under your arms. And then depending on what way the are spinning clockwise/or not you can turn 360's and they speed up or slow down. You do forfeit the throws but you can also throw them away from you, let em spin once or twice and then pull em back towards you. Very force grab-esque. Well anyway who has done it before and is there a name other than double-staff-kinda-but-still-attached-with-ropes-thingy.

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Posted:very good, now try with bungie streachy ropes.


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