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Posted:Hi peeps,

Discovered a new one, or at least I hav'nt seen it preformed. Holding a staff and poi in one hand, you can get them going so the poi dos'nt get hopelessy intangled with the staff. The only thing that really worked was forward outside the arm to inside the arm. If you have relativelly short poi ya can get both hands going. And bang six balls of flame. Hav'nt tried it with fire yet but the theory works. Has anyone else tried it and is the more moves you can do. Turning 360 works aswell until you try to stop. Single staff and one poi is funny too.

Nough zed.

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Posted:Awwwww, rob finally found out love is simply chemical madness. its poo.

welcome to the world, now you are truly jaded.

sorry, big hugs, Tom

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