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Posted:Okay, I've seen this done a million times, and I can do arm rolls on both sides both ways, and everyone keeps telling me it's just kind of like doing one arm roll to the other, or something...

...please someone tell me how to do this...

My main problem is that I don't know exactly what it is, however it is related to the upper body (shoulder/arm) rolls and involve the staff looking like it goes across your back/neck area.

A video would be tops, of course

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Posted:I'm a complete Contact Staff beginner, but look at Glass's video (in a thread under this one somewhere) as it has some great contact in it, although he missed out a couple of classics. I believe there's quite a few behind the head moves that you could be thinking about.


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Posted:I think this is the move that I managed to get shortly before breaking my staff

First point - GO SLOW!!! It took me a few hours of dropping my staff before I realised this. You need enough momentum to keep the staff rotating for a couple of circles without any more force, but any more and you're going to be rushing it a bit.

Start off in a reverse (little finger leading) figure 8. When the staff is on the near side (right if it's in your right hand), put in an extra rotation and bring the staff up to your shoulder, thumb end leading.

As with most Contact Staff, I find you always have to hold onto the staff for a fraction of a second longer than you think you do.

Place the staff onto your (right) shoulder, releasing when it's slightly past the verticle (I think - haven't done this for a while - damn, I really need to repair that staff!) and start to turn to your (left).

Make sure you keep your (left) arm parallel to the floor! This is the key to getting this move right. Keep your forearm close to your upper arm. You should still be turning (left) at this point (as you should all the way through this move).

The leading end as you pass the staff onto your (right) shoulder should go past your (left) shoulder. The trailing end should come from your (right) shoulder, rotate in an arc above your head and then come across your (left) shoulder and forearm, at which point you do the normal shoulder/arm roll thingy and it should(!) come neatly into your hand.

Directions in brackets are all reversed if you're doing this starting in your
left hand.

Important things to remember -
keep turning throughout the move.
Keep your (left) shoulder and arm close together
Keep them parallel to the ground (I find it is easier to do this if you start off with a (left) arm roll.

Hope this made some sense.


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Posted:Possibly the clearest explanation I've seen on this site there Jephyre, fair play mate.

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