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Posted:Hey! I'm new to this site and, in fact, new to all things Poi.. I've tried spinning poi once or twice, but finding that I have a lack of coordination with that, I decided to give Staff a whirl. I had a bit better luck with this, as I used to be a big fan of Xena and.. yah.. pretend I was Gabriel with all her staff skills.. that was a few years ago, don't hold it against me now!

Anyways, I need some advice for starting Staff... I can spin it two handed alright, but are there any baisic tricks anyone can give me any advice on? Thank you very much!

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Posted:Hey space monkey
Welcome to the wonderful world of staff twirling (my personal favourite)... be warned.. VERY ADDICTIVE and may cause bodily harm.
Well I think ur first port of call should be the staff lessons on this site.. this has lil video clips and instructions on the basic moves..then once u have had a play around with those moves do a search on staff moves on the board.. and u will find a million more different moves to keep u busy. Just play around and have fun. once u have the basic moves down u will be creating ur own impressive combinations before u know it. U will find a link to the Staff leesons Above under the title "Home of Poi and fire twirling" at the very top of this page. ^look up

Happy Twirling!!

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Posted:Hiya Spacemonkey! (is the name a reference to Fight Club? shhh! i won't talk aboot it!)
reinforce your practice with a day practice staff that won't leave satanic looking marks on your clothes. use fuel whose fumes when lit dun make you wanna hurl. be kind to your friends. use a staff length that does not exceed the distance between ya toes n ya armpits if you intend to do lotsa horizontal under-armpits twirling. use sunscreen. when burning fire, cover you hair and don't wear synthetics if u can help it. frilly bras are right out. practice throws on grass, and cover your wicks with sock-like covers, so that the kevlar dun fray when you practice your firestaff.

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