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Posted:Ive started doing staff with fire (amazing) but I've found it can take a long time getting the staff ready. This is mostly to do with me worrying about parafine dripping down. To give you an idea this is what i do. Dip one end in. Shake off.Twirl off. Then repeat with other endWhat im wanting to know is what you do about parafin dripping down the staff? Is it safe to get it on your hands a bit? Can the flame travel up the staff? Also what do you do when getting the staff prepared?

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Posted:Dip one end in. Shake it off. Repeat with other end. Light up. Spin.

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Posted:I don't know quite what you mean by "preparing the staff", but for your other questions:I usually soak both ends and then spin off, but I shake the wick over my dip bucket and let it drip for a sec. Usually I don't have any troubles with kero dripping down my staff, but when that happens I wipe it off with the wet towel I have about to put my shit out. I do this mostly because kero makes the staff slippery and it messes me up, and not as much for the risk of catching the body of the staff alight. Kero is really pretty tame in that respect. In fact, if I recall correctly I think that Charles (the mod) puts kero on his staff body with the intent to make it slippery (Charles, please correct me if I am mistaken.)If you decide to start using white gas (Coleman) you will want to take much better precautions as white gas will rain fire on you if there is exess fuel on your wicks, and any that drips on you while you're spinning off will catch fire if you hit yourself.The staff I'm using now makes things much easier. I built it so that I can use poi wicks, so I need only one set of wicks between all my fire toys. I clip them on to a chain, soak them, and then spin them off like you would poi.------------------If you love something, set it on fire.

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Posted:I do try to put some kero/peg on my staff's centre before doing a palm spin, makes the spin much faster and smoother and looks great.Fuel on your skin will get absorbed though, so be aware it is more toxic than avoiding it as we all should be doing...Tlight, I must admit to being a bit confused both by the title of this thread and exactly what you are asking.If part of it is that you don't like waiting around between burns, you can always have your safety or someone else fuel up your OTHER one while you're burning...Otherwise, what the others said, dunk, drip/spin, light...
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Posted:i use two fuel pots (well old kettles actually!) and dip both at the same time horizontal on the ground and turn them. Then quick shake and lit them. Then burn off. Maybe not the safest method, but i find it nice and quick

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