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Posted:So, I can do all sorts of sick little tricks with my staff, but the thing the eludes me to this day is that dastardly palm spin. I can get about a half rotation before it catches on a finger or the staff loses it's momentum. I've watched Xaeda do it a millon times in her vids, but I can't get it down to save my life
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. Are there any tricks or techniques to this????------------------If you love something, set it on fire.

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Posted:yep it is pretty minging, i used to teach irish dancing (oh the shame!) and freak out the little kids cos i can put hands behind back and curl fingers backwards (like you said) and used to dance like that. Also was quite evil and told the kids they "had" to dance like that to win...

ahhh... happy days!

only problem is sometimes when i do throws, when the staff lands, my fingers bend back too much and theres just this big cracking noise... NOT nice at all. sometimes need to strap my fingers so that i can do anything at all... bit of a handicap really regarding some spins...

vic xx

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