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Posted:Okay, this trick is going to be impossible to describe, but I'll give it a go. basically you start with a neck catch, then let it slip so that your head's bent over sideways and the staff is wedged between your neck and right shoulder (if you're a righty like me). A bit more of your staff should be in front of you than behind you. Now the tricky bit. Twist your full body a litle bit back and to the right (like you're leaning back from something gross). The staff should twist a bit so that it's kinda laying diagonally across your body. The bit that was in front still in front, but is now sticking out up and to the right (closer to being parallel with your body) and the bit that was behind is still behind you, but is pointing down and to the left, across your back. All this happens very quickly, it's like coiling a spring to get momentum and energy for what you're going to do next.Now......from this leaning back-and-to-the-right position, push the staff forward and to the left with the front part of your right shoulder, and loosen your neck-grip on it, so that it moves horizonally across your neck, and you can then catch it between your left neck and shoulder, in the mirror image of the place you started. Cool.Now the even cooler bit....once you can do this, instead of catching the staff in the left shouder, you can let it keep rotating. it rotates around, over your shoulder, does a couple of spins on your back, and then you can catch it again with your right hand. I'd really love to send in a video, but I didn't work this out until after I'd filmed my comp entry.....I don't have access to a camera any more :-( Anyway, hope somebody else can figure this out :-)x

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Posted:well if you come to the next PiP, then you can see it in real life.

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