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Posted:OK, hmmm i have finally created what i thought to be a meteorite !!! which consists of a 1metre staff with 30cm of wire followed by 2 balls of fire poi/ practice poi, now i get the idea of it, and i have tried staff myself, but i was wonderin if anyone else has tried this marvellous invention as i am quite drawn to it, altho cant really seem to help whacking myself with either of the flailing flaily flail things! , also there seem to be a lot more things u can do wit this than u can do wit a staff or poi? anyone have any new moves? AND!!! this thing also seems to go a lot faster than both the others too? any help wud be greatly appreciated thanx very much!

Love Dave xXx

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When you say staff with chains and poi do you mean a staff with poi on each end. look at my crappy picture. 0---=======---0 The circles are poi, the - are chain and the = is the staff.

Sounds good.


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Posted:Is meteorite an already used word for what you're describing, or is that just what you call it? My friends and I have been experimenting with what we call meteorites, which are basically nunchuks made out of shoestrings and glowsticks, except the length of string between the heads is much longer than standard nunchuks, hence the name meteorites (Smaller meteors).

They're incredibly fun, and based around wraps as well as what we call 'rolls' which is where you do a wrap but let go of the end when you start the wrap, they do one (or two) revolutions around your arm, and you grab the end again, resulting in a VERY pretty double-circle effect if glowing.


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