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Posted:Hi Everyone!
Ive been contemplating purchaseing a set of areotec glo balls to play poi with, but der not cheap so i was wondering about the durability of the balls...do they break easy?
So if anyone has had any horror storys with these please let me know.
Thanks alot.

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I purchased a couple of Aerotech Globalls a few months ago. I find they are lovely to use as poi, good weight and they don't make the same scary noise as the Beaming Balls from here do.

Durability, pretty damned good they have taken every impact without damage.

HOWEVER THEY WILL BREAK. But only if (like me) you are an idiot and don't take good enough care of them. What you need to watch out for is putting any weight with an edge on them, such as a sofa or a bed, if you do this the outer layer will break off and cause you to cry like baby.

It does need to be quite bit of weight though and as I didn't see how my globall broke I can only speculate on the exact nature of the occurence, other than the me being an idiot part.

And finally, be VERY careful with with charger and the plugs for the globalls. If you carry the charger by the wires it WILL stop working, eventually.

Hope that helps.

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Posted:Thank you dude,
I really wanna get a set. Jut gonna tell anyone eles who spins them that if they break em theyve brought em lol!


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