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Posted:I was wondering if anyone has ever made anything along these lines:

Some sort of wand that will continually burn a small flame for a matter of hours that can easily be carried in my hand. Picture a fairy's wand but instead of a sparkly little star atop, a flame. I'm thinking some sort of tube with tiki torch fuel and a candle wick, but i'm not really sure how to go about fashioning it so that it doesn't leak.

If you're curious as to the use, it will be part of my Halloween costume (for Theatre Bizarre).

If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated! As the only time I have made anything are poi which are infinately easier than what I'm about to tackle. Thanks so much!

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Posted:What about some sort of lantern type deely invoving a wick going down in to some fuel. To make the shape of a wand you probably couldn't have too much fuel in at one time but you could always keeps filling it up or have some kind of sump?

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Posted:yeah, that's about what I was thinking. thanks!

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Posted:I think the wick and fuel idea is the way to go, and as long as the wick is absorbant enough, as long as there's no space around it at the top I don't see how you'd have any trouble with leakage. Any small leaks (i'm guessing) would burn away.
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Posted:Fire wand? Do you mean a torch.

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Posted:Making some sort of firewand with a large flaming star could be an interesting experiment.

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Posted:now, i haven't tested this in the slightest, but it's an idea that's just popped into my head after having read this post. with a little bit of r+d, i reckon it could work too.

- grab a length of bamboo or maybe even pvc tubing or some hollow strut to use as the wand proper.
- make a cut running the complete length of the wand.
- grab one of those little burners that get sold at art supply stores for heating up wax for seals or are included in those kids science kits as a substitute Bunsen burner - this is going to be your fuel reservoir. they look like little bulb-things, which'd be a good shape for wand aesthetics.
- grab a length of good lantern wick that'll stretch from the bottom of the reservoir to just beyond the tip of the wand. this'll get inserted into the cut.
- at the burning end of the wand, wrap a length of aluminium flashing or something to stop the bamboo (or whatever) from burning. i'm guessing that you're not looking for a particularly large flame, so you probably don't need to protect too much. make sure to leave a small overhang. into the flashing, snip a couple of cuts from the tip to where the flashing meets with the wand.
- insert one end of the wick into this end, leaving the appropriate amount of wick at the end depending upon the size of flame you want.
- with a small hammer, crimp the overhanging edge of the flashing to hold the wick. it shouldn't need to be too tight. this is what those snips before were for, this way you can overlap the metal as it bends in on itself.
- this is going to be one of the key things to acquire. don't worry, it's not to hard to come by. non-flammable tape - usually made of acetate or Teflon, ask around at your hardware store.
- wrap the length of flashing with this tape, and you want to wrap it pretty damn well because in the end, the inside of wand needs to be basically air-tight except at the tip where the wick comes out.
- what you should have after all this is your wand with a cut running the length of it, and out of this dangling your length of wick which is firmly secure at the tip.
- i'd use a very thin fuel, probably meths or something, because there's a fair distance that it's going to need to travel between your fuel reservoir and the burny bit.
- when you're ready to light up, fuel up the entire length of wick - this is why we've left the wick mostly free of the structure. there'll be the bit of wick underneath the flashing where you won't be able to access, but a well soaked wick should quickly fuel this section up too.
- insert the rest of the wick down the length of the wand. there still needs to be a bit that's hanging loose at the bottom to be put into your reservoir.
- now, with a bucket-load of tape, and i think any type of tape would do (go with gaffer, gaffer fixes everything ), wrap the length of your wand, from where the tape is at the tip (make sure to overlap a bit) to the base. lots of tape. even more. for simplicities sake, i'd attach the bulb with the tape too, but if you wanted to be fancy, you could probably work out some way to screw this on to your wand.
- basically, the end result should be the wick, running from the fuel reserve to the point where it can get the other vital ingredient for flame, oxygen. this is why the wand needs to be solidly taped, ESPECIALLY closer to the flaming end so the flame can't run up inside the wand to your fuel.

now, i haven't made this before, so i really don't know if it'd work - but this is what i would try. one potential failing that i could see is the distance the fuel needs to be transported being too great. a bigger burning wick perhaps would draw more fuel. i dunno. give it a whirl and find out

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