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Posted:i was wondering today - what is the longest chain(or whatever) length that anyone has used for poi?
i wonder how long you could make some - by standing on stilts or some other high platform.
i want to find out, but if anyone beats me to it u have to take some pics and put them here so everyone can see

(i was thinking 20ft long mega-poi with multiple wicks along the length of each, which would look rather cool, and make u look like a mentalist probably )

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Posted:Now thats a idea! Rock on Main!

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Posted:The longest I've used were about 3.5 feet. The longest I've seen are up to my shoulder (about 5'), and were made for use on a tall unicycle.

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Posted:longest i;ve used are about 4 feet, standin on ground. it was sweet, i still do it with shoelaces and glostix from time to time..
my fire chains are about 2 and a half feet.
long chains rock my socks

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Posted:There's a video on the site of someone who's name escapes me at the moment, who's standing on stilts and using mega poi



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