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Posted:I was just spinning in the park with my 2 week old concentrate inncore staff and it snapped. I mean i was just doing basic spins, it was freaking freaky cause the fiberglass just snapped and i almost cried. $140 gone and i would definaely not recommend this staff to ANYONE. It was only about 2 weeks old and snapped. What are your personal expreiences with the fluxuating quailty of these staves? Who else had such a trumatic experience??

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Posted:wow... that sucks so bad rodus...

we bought a new concentrate staff... i like the old ones better because the pieces screwed in to eachother. now the pieces dont and it seems just a bit flimsy.

it is a nice idea for staff, but i think the second version is a bad implementation



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Posted:eerrm. generally they are very good. but as with all manufactured stuff once in a while there is a fault. i'm sure if you get in touch with calln who makes them he will be able to help, and hopefully get you a new one if it's only two weeks old.


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Posted:Where did you get it from? If it was HoP, then the first step, as with anything from this site, is to email Malcolm on info-at-homeofpoi.com

Otherwise, contact the other place you go tit from, and let them know, as it is them who need to provide back-up service.

I have no doubt they will get in touch with their supplier and will sort it out ASAP between them.

If you go directly to the source, then the retailers don't know what problems are occurring, and it could happen to others without the sellers being aware.

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Posted:Yes yes and yes... Callum would replace it I'm sure if you bought it direct off him...

I agree..the new design just don't seem practical... I thought the old ones were great!

ah well....

hope it all sorts out!

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Posted:yer thnaks guys i emailed malcom and i'll email concentrate as well and just let them know what happend.

yer but i love the idea of having the fiberglass innercore it was really great to twirl with untill it snapped


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Posted:Either Callan or HOP (if that is where you got them) would replace it free of charge.

The handle mouldings for one batch was overcooked and hence weakened the fiberglass inner core. He asked all resellers to test for these which we did and send back the faulty ones. Apparently he has made some further changes to the design to stop this over cooking happening again.

Contact the supplier and they should be able to work out which batch it came from.

Kindest regards


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Posted:perhaps all staves are not created equal - I twirl pritty heavy duty wif both style o' innercore and they're still just a sweet as they always are..
I hope you resolve your unstaffage soon, rodus!!

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Posted:thanks malcolm.

yer well a friend that was there when it happend said he will drop me round on of his till i get a new handle or what ever so i shouldn't be unstaffed for much longer