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Posted:Hey this really isn't a question but I just went out today to the dollar store and made some poi for really cheap. Its Glo stick poi tho. I bought two dog leashes, the metal link kind, and then at home just readjusted the length of the chains. I also bought some glostick bracelets. Amazingly enough, they work. If you put them as rings, and then attach all the rings to the end. I find this look is very effective, and I'll be uploading some pictures soon. I was just wondering, if anybody else has tried this? I mean it was cheap! Even the dog chains were a dollar each. I was like noooooooo. They cant, but they were. Overall it cost me 8$ for a very effective set of poi.
The wonders of discount shoppin!



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Posted:We play with the glosticks heaps as I have 3 boys under 8 who love twirling. We found putting them on medium weight string works for us. We freeze them at the end of a session to prolong the lifespan.
The ones we buy usually even have strings and are around $4 for the pair and heaps of fun.

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Posted:i tried to get some discount dog/wallet chains but failed and have to get some for about 5 (for 2) now there in the middle of me tail poi.

Having said that i did put some glowsticks on the end last night at reading festival, soon had many interested onlookers and several fellow spinners gathering round - was all fun Only thing i did find was that the glowsticks didn't have enought weight so stuff like thread the needle didn't seem to work very well

freezing glosticks? thats an interesting idea - does it work? can you use them the next night then?


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Posted:I just made myself a set of tennis ball poi very cheaply....i just made them from odds and ends from round my house....couple of tennis balls 70 pence....5mm climbing rope 2m length cost 1.50...sea fishing heavy duty swivels from my old fishing kit free(usually about 1)...some strong twine and super glue to fix the loops in the rope also free lying round the house...finished off with an old set of double loop handles from my first set of fire poi...oh and some black electrical tape to neaten things up also free from round the house. I made the poi with built in quick release links....kinda hard to describe...they are a fishing thing but very stong....so that the heads can be changed really easily. This means that i can have the tennis balls on the end that i made or i have a set of old bean bag heads with tails that snap on easily or i can put 6 inch glosticks on the ends all with just 10secs changing time. In total i reakon they cost me about 3.50 or so which is about $5.51. All in all i'm very happy with them as they are very nicely balanced and i finnally have a set of practice poi that can be used for any occasion...i'm going to take them everywhere with me so i can practice anytime

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Posted:Hey ya you can freeze glosticks, and they work for a surprisingly long time. I froze mine last night, and i checked this morning, still goin strong. I assume they will work hopefully tonight as well. But has anyone tried using the glostick bracelets or am I the only one?



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Posted:I have used glowstick necklaces before. Gives a really unique look if you get good quality ones (dim ones arent that good). They end up looking a lot like the poi onewheeldave (I think thats who did it) made with his juggling rings but they glow.

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