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yeah.. ummm im new a glowstringer, i just wanted to know DO YOU USE FIRE OR GLOWSTIX?

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hello slinky HI, drumroll if you please, while I construct an appropriate answer.......

use both! both have their use in various situations/conditions

then there are all the other non fire/non glowstick options for you to play with as well

and there's play in the night

and in the day

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Daytime = Zuni

Nighttime = Glow if you're practicing, fire if you're showing off

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Please use the search function and enter in the terms Glow vs. Fire

It comes up about 8 times.

In the past we have had it turn into a raging debate on which is better, but I have faith that people would no longer do this. I encourage you to read through those threads and post in one of those, which would bump it straight to the top of the list!

Kindest Regards!

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