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I'm used to just getting into raves or desert parties for free in exchange for me doing a free fire show with ball and chain poi.

I'm not quite sure how much I should charge customers outside of raves though. I'm quite experienced at it, and have quite a few moves down, including 1 or 2 that I and some friends made up.

Anyone have any idea?

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diferent shows diferent pay. We did Luminara victoria and got paid 400 for 4 dancers, 3 stilters and fuel. In the end we had 5 dancers and another 5 musitians. All monie goes to our burningman fund and to pay for music and gas.

Our group minimum is Gas and fuel costs. Its up to you man. Getting into parties for free is good if your into it.

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How much you want to get paid is up to you. There's a lot of cool parties out there which will let you in for free or pay you £50 to leap around the stage for a while. On a more commercial note if you're looking at corporate events then I recommend around £200 upwards per performer. It helps to have good promotional material and also make sure you have public liability insurance. It's a fun way to make a living!

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This is one of the best threads on HoP with the most varied advice and different opinions. It's also been added to by a number of professional performers who aren't on HoP much anymore and it would be a shame not see their insights too.

click here... how much do you charge?

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