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Posted:I dont know how many of you all that travel and do fire stuff, but i found it hard to know what a specific fuel is named in another language. Lucky me found this site http://balistic.future.easyspace.com/fuel.html
and there you'll find a list of what some fuels are in other countries. The list is from english to other languages..

...and that's it for now.

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Posted:Great resourse...thanks Pixeleye.

You may want to edit the thread so that title is a bit more decriptive of the link...it would be a shame for someone doing a search on the subject to not find this one...


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Posted:Hi all,

I am spinning in Switzerland... I use Coleman white gas (which they call Reinbensine)... the only place I could find it was at Transa Backpacking in Lucerne (about 9.50 CHF for 1 litre... pretty expensive)...

I mailed the poi ahead because I do not think they would allow poi on a plane.

Happy spinning... anyone in CH who wants to spin drop me a line... I will be here till mid Aug of 03.

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