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Posted:hi folks,
So i havent been doing poi to long but no matter what i try to do i cant seem to figure it out the only trick i can seem to manage is the butterfly and i am having great trouble with my wall planes when one hand goes behind my back. can anyone give me any advice or tips on where im going wrong i bought michal kahns book which is great but i would prefer critism on where i might be going wrongwhich i cant get from a book any help gratefully recieved
thanxs fluffy

right im off to play with my ball of pink fluff

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Posted:Hey there sweetie.
Two things.

Check the angle of your forearm. For behind the head stuff if you are tilting your arm downwards then the poi will thwak you in the back.

Also check to make certain your palms are facing up, no matter what you do. It can be awkward to adjust to but it makes the movement of the poi eaiser.

Hope this helps. If I think of anything else I will be sure to post!

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i am very new at all this, but one piece of advice i found very helpful in figuring out where i was going wrong and how to repair it was to point your fingers where you want the poi to go

also what pele was saying about your palms facing up, for most of these moves your hands/arm should be in a certain position at a certain stage, if you check on the website here, art of poi video or michal kahns book you will be able to find out what your hand is meant to be doi9ng and then try and see if your doing it, but this is really frustratring!

have you tried practicing with just one hand? i have to learn to do everything one handed first really well.

hope some of this helps, like i say i am very new at this too so fumbling along


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