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Posted:Hello everybody! I had a great weekend spinnin' at the park.

But there was one thing that I would like to see changed.

A friend of mine brought the kerosene in a big jug and we set it down, then dipped our Poi in the big hole on top of the jug. Whenever we took out the Poi, a little bit of kero would drip onto the dirt under the jug. I didn't think anything of it at first, but then later on in the night, I realized there was a huge wet spot in the dirt underneath the tree.

Firstly, this is bad because it leaves an obvious pollution stain. Secondly, it seems like a big waste of kerosene.

Maybe a tarp underneath the kerosene jug for later sessions will do the trick. I was wondering if anybody else has had this same experience and what's the best way to make sure the tarp catches all the dripped kerosene?


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Posted:Just pour the kerosene in a large metal bucket with a wide mouth and dip in that. Also you could try someone elses idea of taking another bucket with a handle and put a spaghetti strainer (collander, bowl with holes) in it, put your wicks/chains in there and spin it around so the excess fuel comes off into the bucket and you just dump it back. But a tarp would be a good idea, although maybe still a bit messy because it would be hard to get the kero that dripped off back into the bucket.


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