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Posted:Does anyone have any of these things???

I was looking on the Aerotech site and their Juggling Balls are just too expensive, i just can't justify that amount of money on Juggling Balls, but i wondered how these would perform they look pretty bright, they're rechargeable, they're cheap (ish!!!) and best of all when your done juggling them you can make a lil feature of them in your house!!!!!
Any ideas, comments????
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Posted:my friend has one of these and you just cannot compare them to aerotechs.

they are nice but they really aren't for juggling - they have a little lump sticking off of them, they are soft, they're too big to use as a juggling ball (inbetween stage ball and normal ball size) and worst of all you turn them on and off with a squeeze so when you drop them, they can turn themselves off.

i'd highly reccommend a red one for festivals though - you can leave it in your tent and cut out all that fumbling around in the dark (unless that's what you've worked towards ).
when ya come back in pitch black and need an extra jumper they're easy to find, easy to operate in a 'reduced faculties situation' and best of all, they don't ruin your night vision.

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Posted:erm hello,
3 aerotech balls at 30 quid each plus about 15 for the charger
or 3 mathmos at 40 quid each inc charger.
Cant afford what??.

Mathmos... my mate designed them.

You can contact them, and you can juggle them.
But they weight is not in the centre, so aerotechs much better for juggling.