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Posted:OK, so I'm making the leap from glowsticks to fire and I'm fairly excited about it. My problem is that I use really short strings and so I've developed a style that requires short chains. Glowchucks with string only a foot long, how can I translate that same style to spinning poi? Am I being stubborn? Does spinning fire mean that I need to adapt to longer chains and slower movement? How fast can I spin without putting out the flames? And one last question, which poi can I buy on this site that have adjustable chains that will let me shorten them?
That's a lot of questions for a newbie. Before I get yelled at I did do a search and I couldn't really find what I was looking for, so I'd appreciate any advice you guys have.


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Posted:length of chain:
short = faster revolution
long = slower revolution
short = spin faster
long = spin slower

you can adapt your spinning style to the length of chain you feel most comfortable spinning with, any chain can be shortend please read length of chain thread for information on best methods we all use, this should answer all of your questions sufficiently.
as for how fast to spin fire poi with out putting them out, is how long you want your burn to last for, size of wicking of you poi heads will determine how long, bigger wicks = longer burn time. the speed of your spinning will drain the fuel from between the layers of wicking either faster with a faster spinning speed and vise versa.
browse through the HOP shop and look at specifications of the poi sold and purchase ones that you feel are best suited, there are other manufacturers of fire poi, i use one specific company if i buy rather than make, but thats personal preference.

enjoy, be kewl, happy spinning.


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Posted:You can use short poi with fire, no worries, shouldn't make any difference at all to your style really. Make sure you practice with them before you light up though obviously, to get used to the weight. Plus remember that really short poi will be pretty hot to use! You'll have to keep the moving all the time.

Spinning too fast isn't really an issue, especially with short poi. It's only with longer ones that you can really put them out anyway;
velocity of wick = angular velocity * chain length

As for adjustable length, any set with link chain (rather than ballchain or wire cord) should be easily changed.

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Posted:You should have no difficulties whatsoever swinging fire poi on 12" chains. The only suggestion I'll make is that you make sure the wicks you choose are very lightweight.

I have a pair of wicks of 4 ft. ballchain that I shorten down to 6 inches by wrapping arround my hands and i have no problems at all with that short of a length.

In regards to burn time, you will see a much longer burn time with shorter chains for a given angular velocity (rotations per minute) as the linear velocity will be much less.