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Posted:hey yall
i've been using ballchain for about the last year. in that time i've gone through atleast 3 sets. i typically use the #15 (or #20), nothing smaller than #15. they only seem to last about 3-4 months. i practice every day, sometimes 2x on the weekends! (j/k)

is this about the lifespan yall are getting out of your ballchain? am i a freak? ; 0

i know people that have been using the same welded chain set for 3+ years....

i've had numerous breakages of ballchain, usually at the connector right next to the "A" terminator. very bad stuff! so now i'm contemplating what to do. i went ahead and bought the smallest welded chain i could find. i just love the inherent swivel action of ballchain though.

so a word of warning to all of yall using ballchain, inspect your gear regularly! look for the spheres starting to open up/they will start to bulge/deform right at the axial openings.

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Posted:Sounds like you've spun more in a month, than I've spun in my life... so I'm no help. I'm still on my first ball chains.

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]


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Posted:cant help either, not unless malcolm wants to send me a free set of ballchain Fire Poi. i have allways used conventional chain, only one set have burned out, i still have 4 more sets to go yet, is it greedy to have 4 sets of poi? i have more Practice Poi than i can swing in one go too.
i am a collector of toys thats all i can say.

hope you find answers.


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Posted:I've had a ball chain set for about 10 months with no problems, although I don't practice quite as much as you seem to.


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Posted:I have been using ballchain for over a year. Everyone in my groups has been using them pretty much since the day they each joined (3mo - 1yr). No failures yet. Not all practices have been with fire, and therefore the chain is not always heated while spinning, which is where most of the failures should probably come (apart from swinging bricks at the end of them). Still, as many sets as I have made, I've heard no complaints of failure.
Where did you get your chain?

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Posted:i get my ballchain from all over the place

i do lots of wraps&wheels, i think those are hard on the chain. any set will eventually fail,there's stress trying to push the sphere open from the inside. that being said, i love ballchain and really can't see using anything else. i'd like to try some kevlar rope sometime.

flexible choices:

welded chain
kevlar rope

have i missed anything?




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Posted:I've not had any problems with my ball chain.. except the purdy blue finish has burnt off or gone green...

Maybe you need to get sturdier ball chain..

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