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Captain Hazzard
Captain Hazzard

Ninja (shhhh, don't tell)
Location: Truro, UK
Member Since: 3rd Jan 2003
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Posted:on the circles of light vid the group called tribe of the burning sock use a poi which shoots out sparks the whole time that they're swinging. how is this done please?

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Location: chattannooga, tn,usa
Member Since: 3rd Oct 2002
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Posted:that's not sparks per se, i think that guy just put waaay too much fuel on his poi and didn't let it drip off before lighting, so that when he did light it and swung it around it threw the excess fuel off, pretty yes, dangerous yes, stupid, yes...

man, i gotta try that!


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Posted:try a search in the bboard, cap'n. These are made but using steel wool, but the trick is to find/construct a cage that will allow very small particles(read sparks) to pass thru, but no big pieces to burn your audience/friends/family/animals...

I'm in the process of tryin to build such cage b4 tom night meself, anyone have some hints?

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Captain Hazzard
Captain Hazzard

Ninja (shhhh, don't tell)
Location: Truro, UK
Member Since: 3rd Jan 2003
Total posts: 420
Posted:cheers dude. im gonna try that on the beach tonight. i was expecting some chemical combination,like iron filings on the wick
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I only wanted to be 16... and free


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Posted:cages packed with wire wool, simple to construct, add a length of chain, useing eye protection, light em up and let em spin.


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