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Posted:so i've been wondering what people's preferences are for string.

i know i should get out more often so if thats your comment then to you.

let me explain: there's been a fair bit of discussion on types of poi and what people prefer but this generally goes in the dirction of debating the pros and cons of different poi heads.
eg. tails or no-tails (league of gents fans - calm down), wick size, weight of head (the glowsticks vs. poi debate) and so on.

what i want to know are the pros and cons of string and chain types.
for example, my firechains have normal chain (oval link, approx 8mm length links), my comets have nylon string.
however, i've seen a lot of people using ball-chain with tennis ball poi recently which means the poi-head weight to poi-string weight is lower (that is, the chain weighs in closer to the weight of the head than on normal poi).

i find stuff like hyperloops and wraps much more comfortable with non-stretch sock poi rather than chains (air wraps and isolations being almost impossible when combined with the obstruction of tails).
i also find that my fire chains, once they are spinning are much less effort to keep 'in plane'.

enough from me - anyone one else care about this crap?

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Posted:Well i personally love ball chains for my fire poi. because i find they dont tangle at all! I cant use wire or normal chains!

For practise poi, i love sockies! because they to dont tangle! i find my tails (comet poi) tend to tangle easily, and the tails get in the way.


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Posted:Chain rules. I like it mostly because it's easy to attach/detach your different poi, meaning you can use the length and weight you're used to with everything you spin.

Rope is nice for glowsticks, but I'm so used to the chain that I find it unbearably light.

I have sworn off ball chain for fire...maybe it's because I have big heavy wicks or because I spin quite fast, but I've had it break one too many time for comfort.


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Posted:For non fire poi I like nylon cord rope.(think thin parachute cord)

As for fire poi I use cable poi I find that the lightness of the cable allows me to "feel" the poi head a lot easier. I think that I have more feeling in my fingers that way.But in all fairness they are a pain when the cable gets bent or twisted.

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Posted:I find the best chain to be light-to-medium dog chains, found at any Wal Mart store. Combine with key rings, a hack saw (for setting length, taking off the large rings, and strap removal), scrap leather handles, and whatever head you'd like to use (I miss my Koosh balls!).

Dog chain's light (aluminum), doesn't tangle or have links slip into weird configurations (links are like ovals torqued into a slight deformation), and doesn't pinch or scratch when you do wraps.

I also really love (not a shameless product plug here ) the cables Malcolm has attached to his Electroglo Poi. They are light, hard to tangle, and keep a degree of rigidity while spinning so it's almost like spinning a floppy club... this offers a lot of control and is really good for beginners.

No-no's for me are shoestrings, or any type of nylon/cloth cord, because they tangle too easily, as well as industrial chain (scratchy!) or wire.

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