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Posted:Ok, In chapelfield gardens in norwich, few nights ago, spinning with some mates

end up coming away with a few war wounds . Spit burns and a few nasty

skin burns after my skipping rope decides to tangle its way round my arm .

What is the best way to deal with this. Anyone got any good ways of soothing

these horrible little buggers . any ancient remedies .

Idea's people idea's .



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Posted:Garbo, if it has gone a bit yellow and moist go to one of the NHS walk in centres to get it dressed.

They use some kind of dressing that is moist with a gel and it heals the wound really well. (I got one of these when I hit myself in the face, missing a staff catch. I dont remember what the dressings were called unfortunately.

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Posted:Wear sleeves

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Posted:The dressings are called gel-packs, funnily enough. There is a type that has a chemical cooling reaction that takes the heat out of the burn, i recon theyre expensive tho...

last time i burned myself bad (big yellow blister) i wrapped it in clingfilm (to busy spinning to go to hospital) which kept it clean, moist and stopped clothes etc rubbing it, should try and give it air after a while. Lavender oil is supposed to be very good for burns (tho not shure about open wounds) and Hypercal tincture heals most things a lot quicker than normal.


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Posted:The Johnson and Johnson corperation used to make this brilliant salve called 'Adaptic', I'm bretty shure they still make bandaids with the stuff on it, but it does wonders for burns if you can find some.

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Posted:if a burn is really bad, like crying pain bad, then the best thing to do is to keep it clean by applying a sterile cotton gauze before going to the hospital. ice is a NO NO as it will send the victim into shock, which is very bad. less critical burns can be treated with lavender oil with some pure echinacea powder in it, if you can afford it. i usually just use a salve with vitamin e, jojoba, comfrey, lavender, olive oil, and other herbs, the same ubiquitous herbal skin care salve that can be purchased at any hippy type store. all those over the counter things usually have petroleum products in them- no thanks that's what gave me the burn in the first place! and i agree with kurobei-the best treatment if you don't like getting burned is sleeves . course if you don't LIKE getting burned, why be a fire dancer? btw what is a spit burn? pictures demonic loogy burning through layers of steel plating ever closer to tender skin beneath

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Posted:arashi, spit burns are a lesser evil than swallow burns
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Posted:Aloe Vera - cut off a leaf, split it down the middle and rub the soothing gel on your burn - works well for sunburn too.




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Posted:I've had very good luck with stuff called "ching wan hung" (do a google search on it). I wouldn't use it on an emergency-room-grade burn, but for those stinging little hot-metal burns, it's great stuff. For less serious "waffle marks" I'll use aloe vera gel.

Also, despite what Arashi said (I think we're talking about two different things), ice is just the thing for some burns if you apply it immediately. Perhaps not frighteningly severe burns, but I've seen guys who caught their staffs right on the hot bolts ice their hands down immediately, and have no burns to show the next day.

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Posted:After setting my kitchen on fire a few months back and suffering some nasty burns in the process of correcting the matter, I was running backwards and forward to the hospital each day to have my wounds dressed and treated with Silver Sulphadiazine cream (Brand name: Silvazine cream). After a week or so I was given a perscription to get a tube of the cream for myself and take over the wound dressing routine.

The cream is very soothing and I'm told goes a long way towards preventing scarring. It worked for me. I have half a tube left which I will be sure to use if I ever burn myself again, as I assume I probably will.



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