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Posted:hey i'm interested in making an electroglo staff,but i think the ones on hop are abit to small,iv'e always liked to twirl longer staffs....anyways i was wondering where abouts in australia can u buy this tubing from...(impact risistant polycarbonate) that is.. or wat else is a good substitute for it...wat about acrylic tubes....anyone know of any places where i could get this from ...would be much appreciated

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Posted:1m is best dude, (personally, I twirl with 1m fire staves )
if you construct a DIY electro-glo staff exceeding 1m, there is a descernable dropoff in illumination at the middle point. This is even more pronounced if you use LED light elements of lower intensity than the ones available ready made.
I have followed down that path, and it's the didgy kind of path that has bad pavement and roadkill strewn about.
plus you need specially relective/refractive material that will eccentuate the light too....

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Posted:Hey there!

I was thinking of doing something similar late last year, however after pricing it, it was just going to be too expensive. I went to a polycarbonate supplier to get some really sturdy stuff, but the diameter of piping that is suitable staves was apparently an irregular one, so they'd have to cast a new dye and I'd have to buy in bulk...

I also looked at electroluminescent wire to put in the staff, but that was hard to come by and (for someone technically disinterested) too hard to power with a small enough battery to put in a staff. Also looked at LED's, but same sorta story - would take more money and knowledge than I had.

Check out this thread, and maybe do a search for Electroluminescence or Glow Staff. From what I recall, a guy in sydney made some as was willing to share his recipes!;f=7;t=000076

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