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Okie I am all for the beaming poi they are the greatest thing short of fire,the only problem tho is after about a month or two of good use I seem to break them,I took one apart and noticed a small wire that had become broken,has anyone else had this prob?Know how to fix?

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well if its broken, u can 1. sauter them together 2. duct tape them together

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Duct tape... gotta go with the duct tape.

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what sort of horrific torture are you putting your beamers through! I've had mine for 4 months now, and I thought mine were dealing with some pretty good abuse, and no problems at all with the wiring. I mean even though its fun, you shouldn't attack e-tards with beaming poi. you'll ruin a perfectly good set that way.

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I have one of my beamers that has started to flicker when I am spinning. I think it is cos I hit myself rather hard on the head with it the other day! - nearly knocked me out I think but I still count it as :

Beamers : 0 - Mark P : 1

If you have found a loose wire then get soldering boy!

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If they flicker then clean the metal bar inside the cap with a pencil eraser to remove the black spots caused by electrolosis (sp?)
If they have not been abused then you can use your warranty
Either way send it back to us and we can fix and return them to you.
We even fix beamers that are 3 years+ old and return them free of charge if it looks like people have taken good care of them.

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solder! that's how to spell it correctly lol

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