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Posted:I don't know if any of you have tried before, but you can order Titanium Flakes and roll your wicks in it to make instant sparkly poi. It lasts for about 3 - 4 minutes before burning off, leaving you with regular wick flames to keep on spinning. Titanium is what makes the crackly sparks in large firework displays. When using it with poi, the sparks shoot out about 2 feet or so. Also makes a cool crackling sound when burning. Not nearly as spectacular as using steel wool, but much safer (though more expensive alternative).

You can order Titanium flakes and all kinds of other color changing chemicals from this site:
I am in no way affiliated with this site or trying to promote or endorse their products. This just happens to be the place I use in the U.S. There are probably plenty of other places in other countries that you can use too.

Also, please be careful if you do end up trying this method. I've used it in performances at clubs before with no problems. Just be aware that the lit Titanium flakes will fly off and burn you just as easily as steel wool. So please, as always, take the proper safety precautions when using. Enjoy!

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