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Posted:Hi have been doing fire poi for around a month and would really like to know which is the less smelliest fuel to use. As my neighbours have complained about the smell....

Have used white spirit and parrafin but both seem abit on the smelly side would love suggestions..

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dulce flames
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Posted:If they sell Lamplight Farms lamp oil - smokeless and odorless, ultra pure, the smell isn't too strong, although it is not quite odorless. Maybe you could give it a try.


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Posted:complained about the Smell!

gawd I love the english.


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Posted:How could anyone hate a smell as wonderfull as Kerosine?????

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Mark P
Mark P

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Posted:C'mon Sickpuppy you have to admit it does sometimes get a bit much, it seems like over the last 10 months absolutely everything I own has picked up the wonderful aroma of paraffin

I did at one stage find some stuff called 'Parascent' which promised to make the paraffin smell nice. I added a little too much I think as it was hard to dispense and all that could be smelt while spinning was an overwhelming smell of parma violet sweets! (needless to say I have no idea where this is now and have no intention of trying to find it again )

Maxim, paraffin/kero is definately my preferred fuel at the moment due to the nice flame it gives, I havent tried lamp oil as yet but that is a fairly good alternative apparently. If you really want fuels that dont smell then try something like denatured alcohol but with these the flames are quite a lot weaker.

The other alternative is to leave the safety of your back garden and find a nice open park where your neighbours wont be able to complain

Mark P


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Posted:You can try using naptha (Zippo lighter fluid). It still has a bit of an odor, but not as much as white gas or Kero. It's going to get pricey though, as naptha is really expensive comparitively.

But are you shure it's the smell they're having problems with, or do you think that they might be using that as an excuse because they're afraid you might burn their house down? That happend to a friend of mine once.

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Posted:I only use citronella. It reeks.

From the makers of soylent green.

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Posted:It might reek, but there are NOOO mosquitos in your neighborhood!

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flash fire
flash fire

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Posted:We use Firewater from juggleart.com

Great stuff; virtually odourless and not too expensive when purchased in bulk.

Maybe you can contact them and see if they know of any overseas suppliers that might be able to help you out.

Good luck!

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Posted:I agree wholeheartedly - firewater is by far the best fuel I've come across... And at around the same price as kero (in Oz, anyway), you'd be mad not to!