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Posted:I want to learn about fire spinning/dancing- and would like to start by learning how to make good practice fire chains/wicks/poi (not sure what to call them).
I did have some tennis balls - but they flew off the end of the string and landed somewhere in the neighborhood. I'm hoping to find a more exciting method to play with while I'm learning. The tennis balls weren't that exciting. I appreciate any advice. please email me. Blessings

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Since this site contains a plethora of articles about fire twirling, as well as a whole load of threads, the search function is pretty handy.

But, since I'm feeling generous (and bored), I'll start you off

Here's a page about making fire heads

However, since I don't recommend you learn with firepoi, here's some stuff about making flags, which should be more exciting than a tennis ball on a string.

Also, you could get some ripstop nylon and make some tails for your tennis ball poi.

Lastly, the way I keep my tennis balls on the strings is to punch a hole in the ball and cut open the opposite side so you can thread the string through (the extra cut also helps it hurt less when it hits you ), then tie a monkeyfist on the end, before pulling it back so the knot sits inside the ball.

Hope that helps

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