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Posted:it's a dezign thing,
i'd love it if anyone could direct me to where the pics are....

thanx people

i intend to live forever,so far so good.....

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Posted:ERm...I suppose you check out the section entitled "pictures".

There are also some other sites around here too. The Toronto Poi group has some nice bigs ones zipped up overhere.

Wherever you get them from, it would probably be good to give credit to the person whose pictures you use.



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Posted:I'd probably try and contact them before using them.

And you said 'design' in your message so,...did you mean Poi designs or Poi in action?

If it's designs, use the shop link at the top of the page, or try the Fire/Twirling web ring list at the bottom of the main page. Again I'd very much ask permission for these.

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