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Fire Princessmember
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I have seen the odd reference to other uses for poi/staves...does anyone have any wierd and wonderful experiences that they would like to share?I, for one, have used my zunis to: -attract attention when broken down on a dual carriageway while I waited for the rescue party
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and -call my poor old dog who is deaf and who can hardly see anymore (he recognises me as the only person with those big flappy things!)Er, that's it for now. I don't think I've used my fire poi or staff for anything unusual...How about everyone else?FP xx

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- Mind you, I haven't done this myself, but one of my equipment customers told me that her chains and hand harnesses, together with the canopy rails over her bed, umm, enhanced adult playtime.- When I lost the U-lock for my bike, I used one of my chains and a small padlock until I replaced the U-lock.

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I have made my own poi out of all sort of stuff that act as good cat toys as well!Fevagirl
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He he he.

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I've fond several poi moves good for useing two floggers....

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On a recent camping trip I took colemans camping fuel with my new fire poi.I was asked how they worked (you put a light to them and they burn!) and so explained about soaking them and about the fuel burning, not the wick, etc, etc.It was five minutes later he said"So you don't cook with them then?"!!AwRaBest,SpoiltCat.

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well....When I was living in Wellington (it's bigger and more lively than sleepy little Dunedin) I found my staff incredibly useful for walking through the dodgier parts of town at night. Although in my untrained hands it wouldn't be that much use if someone had attacked me, just the fact that I'm carrying a weapon probably made me a bit less vulnerable......if you're planning to attack someone, you'd pick someone small and defenseless, not the girl with the great big stick! The closest I ever came to using it was at a guy fawkes celebration where some drunk person pushed me and tried to grab my staff (I was just carrying it, unlit). My automatic reaction (*incredibly* stupid, I admit) was to spin around violently, yelling loudly and holding the staff as though I was just about to bash him
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hehehe. bear in mind that I was only 16 at the time, I'm not very big or strong, and have absolutely no training in martial I'd have been in serious trouble if he'd called my bluff! But anyway, the staff did prove pretty useful, as it took him by surprise and he disappeared pretty quickly into the crowd ;0 other things I've used my staff for....Last year my room was on the second story of a big villa and there was a roof directly below my window. I was always dropping things down there, so I had a little wire hook that I'd tie to the end of my staff to retrieve them
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When I went backpacking I wedged it between 2 trees to dry my washing on.I vaguely remember somebody's staff being used as a limbo stick at some drunken jugglers' gathering. (heh, I'm not sure if I should admit that one).When I was unicycling regularly, I used to use my it as support for learning some of the harder tricks like wheel-walking. (and no, I still can't do it).heh.....and last week when I was trying some nasty combination involving throwing myself at the ground at high speed (at least that's what it felt like), I landed badly and used it to hobble to a treestump to nurse my very unhappy ankle. heh, what a useful toy.xaedaas a side note, seeing as I'm doing everything possible to avoid studying....(hell, I even mowed the lawn today!)does anyone else regularly walk through doors and get abruptly jolted cause you accidentally had your staff horizontal and it got caught? heh. I do that far too often, and it would make me feel better to know I'm not alone ;-)
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DJ DantanaBRONZE Member
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alterntae uses for staff,1. torch for blowing fire2. beating yourself on the head, not neccisarily on purpose
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3. curtain rod?4. blow gun?5. crack pipe? ok now its getting wierd...Alternate poi uses1. tow cable for you vehicle2. fire blowing torch3. seduction tool (you can trap them with it, just have them do a butterfly, and when they mess up and hog tie themselves, they are yours!)

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CharlesBRONZE Member
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Xaeda, While I don't hold my staffs horizontal, I often have them strapped to the side of my bag and walk through doors/archways or whatever. --D'OH-- [hits forehead with hand]And the wheel-walking support trick sounds good, I had my first attempt last week and got seriously scared for the first time in a long long while...------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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Fire Princessmember
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Thanks all!X - I also carry around my staff if I'm going on late night walks. The other night I was walking in a park in the dark and I got surrounded by a group of young ruffians... one of them rode straight at me on his bike and skidded and stopped a centimetre in front of me. They asked me what my staff was and what it was for etc. etc. and I told them it was a sort of martial arts thing that you spin about and set fire to, and they said 'do it, do it' edging closer ('ohhh nooo', thinks I, looking for places to run) in the end I did it, and one of them asked me on a date! (They were only about 15, lol).So my staff might well have saved my ass (on the other hand they might have all been boyscouts on a batwatch...)Princess xxPS: I never get stuck in doors, because my staff is one of those fancy telescopic ones
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I also remembered, I've used my fire poi(unlit!) as a belt and a dog lead (can't take dogs on the bus without a lead, apparently)

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poi - tie her up, chain her down. nuff said
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