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Posted:Everyone is always worried about using a fuel that's a carcinogen. Here's something to think about.

I was watching the news and found out that almost anything is a carcinogen. Most deep fried foods, eg potatoe chips, french fries, etc. are carcinogens. They have a hgih level of a chemical that when cooked really hot releases and becomes a carcinogen.

That's really something to think of when choosing fuels.

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Posted:I myself am not so worried about the presence of carcinogens, as much as the amount of carcinogens.

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Posted:to tell ya the truth, i'm far more concerned about the penguin in an astronaut suit sitting in the corner of my room... he keeps winking at me....

- yes folks, i haven't slept for two days.. i love exams.

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Posted:you should read some about what they do to tampons!

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