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Posted:im probly gonna be getting a pair of electroglo poi and a staff at the end of the month, and i'm wundering how much abuse can these things take? and has anyone ever wreked a pair?
not that i doubt the sales pitch in the shop, but you know, im canadian and im paying like $70 each for these and im only making maybe $400 a month, so you know.... im gonna shut up now.

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Posted:I've had my electroglo poi of the same make for more than half a yeaer n they're still in the same shape - I can't even bend the acrylic shaft - they're that rigid. They are the most durable poi, considering that kevlar frays when you drop it!
I have simliar staves and they're of the same design (and posess the same durability!)
I have since adapted the poi to ball chain, cus it's sweet.
hope this helps more than a poked witch's hat in the crotch!

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Posted:I have the electro-glo poi too and i can tell you they take a lot of abuse from me! (like my men lol They're holding up just fine and the pics i have in the gallery are using them.

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