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Posted:Hi, I'm have been raving with glow sticks and practicing very intently. I relaly want to start trying it with fire but I'm not sure when or how to switch. If anyone has advice on this, please clue me in. Thanks.


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Posted:to me a person should be able to spin beaming poi without a problem before switching to fire. the weight difference between glowsticks and fire is alot unless you use about 5-6 glowsticks on each chain. also you can make some chains and spin weighted tennis balls for a while. basically when you dont hit yourself is when you can start fire.

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Posted:it is always helpful to have someone else around who knows what they are doing. so tell us all where you are from and maybe one of th epeople on this board can get together with you...

anyone got a light?




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Posted:great idea pozee.

and when you're ready, purchase a pair of fire chains from the shop..

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Posted:Get a pair of fire poi and DON'T light them. Just twirl them until you feel very comfortable with them. THEN light them.

Though finding a veteran is always better.

Sometimes people forget that you can twirl kevlar without lighting it.

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Posted:Very good advice NYC. I have a set of wick the same size as the set I burn with just for praticing. Ive found that sense I started practicing with them Im more comfortable when I burn.

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Posted:that which does not kill me can only make me stronger, Now!

if it's still no good try unlit, really it's all physcological honest it doesn't really hurt....much.



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Posted:I was swinging fire chains on my first time at doing poi! literally my mate's Jon and Chris taught me and my mate Justine the butterfly, and the chase, then they got me and her doing firechains! in the same evening!

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Posted:You are the only one who can tell when you are ready to spin fire. "Search your heart, and you will find the answer".

Remember that the wicks get heavier, when you soak them in fuel...
That is a question I ponder on.

Shall I just dip the wicks, or really soak them all the way through?

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